Latynina Oksana

Oksana Latynina

Professional Certified Dance Instructor

Name:Oksana Latynina
Address:Vancouver, BC

Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons in Metro Vancouver

Learn Ballroom & Latin Dances such as Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble with the help of Professional Certified Dance Instructors Oksana Latynina and Val Chirkov.

We offer group and individual Ballroom & Latin dance lessons in Metro Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam designed for children, youths, adults and seniors of beginner, experienced, or competitive skill levels.

Please, join our group classes or inquire about individual lessons to learn and improve your ballroom dancing with our professional coaching and instruction.

december, 2016

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Our Team

Oksana Latynina

Oksana Latynina

Dance Instructor, Coach, Choreographer
Professional Ballroom and Latin Dance Instructor, Coach and Choreographer. Holder of Canadian Dance Sport Federation Adjudicator License (B+). More then 25 years teaching experience. Graduated from Choreography School, Almaty, Kazakhstan 1980-88 as Professional Ballet Dancer. Ballet and Ballroom instructor at Champs International Skating Centre of BC (Burnaby 8 Rinks). Proud mom of two sons: Andrey and Valeriy Chirkov.
Val ( Valeriy ) Chirkov

Val ( Valeriy ) Chirkov

Dance Instructor
Val has been practicing dance from a very early age and his passions for Latin and ballroom dancing have shaped his life over the last 17 years. Since immigrating to Canada at the age of 10 he devoted his heart and soul to the lively spirit of Vancouver’s dance community thus becoming an integral part of it in the process. His most notable achievements include capturing the 1st spot in the youth/adult category of the British Columbia Provincials (2009) and Snowball Classic Vancouver (2009) competitions, as well as the 3rd spot in Youth Canadian Nationals (2008) and La Clasique Montreal (2009) competitions. In the recent years he concentrated on teaching his skills to a handful of clients in one-on-one sessions. This highly communicative environment helped him emerge as a successful coach and propel his skills to the next level.

Oksana Latyina Showdance

Showdance, Oksana Latynina

Teaching Adult Ballroom dance

Lessons, Oksana Latynina

Oksana Latynina and Val Chirkov Award

Competitions, Oksana Latynina, Val Chirkov

Oksana Latynina and Val Chirkov

Oksana Latynina, Val Chirkov

Young Champions of Tomorrow

Students, Oksana Latynina

Pro-Am Rumba Showdance

Showdance, Val Chirkov, Video

Paso Doble at Snowball

Showdance, Competitions, Val Chirkov, Video

Cha-Cha-Cha Showdance

Showdance, Val Chirkov, Video

Rumba Showdance

Showdance, Oksana Latynina, Video

Teaching on Robson Square

Lessons, Oksana Latynina, Val Chirkov, Video
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Excels at teaching

2015 April
Karen Lim

Not everyone who can dance can teach.  Oksana is not just a wonderful and inspiring dancer – she also excels at teaching.  She is able to communicate her vast knowledge in ways that translate into great results in her students’ dancing, whatever their individual goals may be.  With her instruction, my footwork, body movement, balance, partner work, and more have greatly improved!


Having been Oksana’s student for a number of years, I can say that each class is insightful, challenging, and most of all, rewarding.  In both group and private classes, she has a very clear and precise way of teaching, with an approach that is both analytical and intuitive, and is a dedicated instructor/coach who really looks out for her students.  Thank you for your untiring professionalism, commitment, and compassion.

It’s about feeling it..

2006 February

In the front row of Oksana Latynina’s dance class, the students aren’t just going through the motions as Oksana demonstrates how to move not only with precision, but with beauty. “Whether we’re making you a social dancer, or concentrating on competitive dance, or wedding dance or especially performance,” she says, “it’s not just do this, this, and this… it’s about feeling it.”

Wonderful Dance Teacher

2015 January
Igor Dianov

My son Lucas has been a student of Oksana for two years taking group classes and private lessons. Oksana is a wonderful dance teacher, who makes it fun and enjoyable for kids learn ballroom dance. She gives the children the guidance and support they need to develop the rhythm, feeling and technique to be confident ballroom dancers at the very yound age. It’s a pleasure for my son to dance at Oksana Dance school. Thank you very much for all your hard work!

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